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Fly Into Me (single)

Release Date: December 2, 2022
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A recent single from the upcoming What Blues May Come album. This song picks up where Steven Squire and Slowrain left off with guitar driven electric blues music and poetic lyrics. Fly Into Me is someone who has been waiting to gain attention of a loved one. The anticipation is such that when the love is recognized and received, that a passionate “fly into me” is appropriate. (Like jump into my arms, instead of a subtle embrace).

Gear: Gibson Les Paul Standard with Lindy Fralin Pure PAF humbucker pickups; Marshall Plexi 1987x amplifier with Ben Fargen mods; Marshall 1960BX 4×12 cabinet with Celestion Greenback speakers; Morley Power Wah; Fender Precision bass; Carvin MB15 bass amp; Gretsch Catalina Birch drums; Zildjian A Series cymbals.

Except for the wah pedal during the lead guitar section, no effects were used in the guitar signal chain or during the mixing of any tracks.

Mastered by Atomic Mastering

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Available Lyrics

Fly Into Me

All these dreams
In a box of leaves

From an orchard
Of a distant valley floor

Not too much to restore
Just a faint wind now
Would deliver the rain

Maybe you never saw
Maybe you never knew
Fly into me

Round and round
and round it goes

Where it stops
every body knows

I’ve been drifting along
These ol’ dunes alone
The promise of a flood

Maybe you never saw
Maybe you never knew
Fly into me (x5)

Won’t you come now
And sit along side

Tell me where you
Been spinning time

No need to leave out a word
‘Cause I ain’t too tired
And I don’t need to win

Maybe you never saw
Maybe you never knew
Fly into me